MALORY – Nuclear Brandy (Video Premiere)

Watch the armageddon-inspired video for Nuclear Brandy by South London songwriter MALORY

Video by Music Team | 15 Feb 2018

MALORY's latest single is an eccentric and atmospheric pop gem packed with squelchy synths and the South London songwriter's distinctive vocals, and we're pleased to reveal that the video for the track is more of the same. We're premiering the Nuclear Brandy video, directed by Nice Way Media and edited by Taylor Torr, which you can watch in the player above or on YouTube.

Introducing the track, MALORY describes the clip – filmed in a genuine Cold War nuclear bunker – as "a CCTV glimpse into the story of two lovers trapped in an apocalyptic dystopia". She says: "We were inspired by Lars and the Real Girl and Blast from the Past but wanted to put our own spin on things. Our female protagonist has been locked up in the bunker for years way into the future (hence the spacesuit), and her 'lover' has been trapped in a zombielike coma.

"She's going crazy stuck underground and is lonely without him. Finally she manages to perfect her experimental Nuclear Brandy potion, transporting them back to the 50s and bringing him to life! We wanted it to be trippy, playful and dreamlike to compliment the song's production as well as the dark irony of the lyrics."

Watch the video for Nuclear Brandy in the player, and check out the track on Spotify here. MALORY plays The Finsbury, London, 19 Feb, and The Great Escape festival in Brighton on 19 May.