LOVE SICK – What I'd Do (Stripped): Track Premiere

Listen to the stripped-back version of Glasgow duo LOVE SICK's latest single, What I'd Do

Feature by Music Team | 26 Apr 2018

Glasgow-based LOVE SICK – a duo comprising of Shaun Canning and Julie Knox – first came to our attention at the end of last month when we stumbled upon a feature about their pop banger Bullet over at The Line of Best Fit.

At the start of this month they played, what was unbelievably, their debut live show at Glasgow’s Nice 'N' Sleazy, and following on from a mini-Scottish tour this month – happening right now in fact as they play Mad Hatters in Inverness tonight – they’re heading to Brighton next month to play The Great Escape festival.

The electro pop duo’s latest single, What I’d Do is full of sun-soaked synths and drops aplenty, and they’ve only gone and recorded a more subtle and vulnerable stripped-back piano-led version, which The Skinny are delighted to be premiering in the player below.

“We originally wrote What I'd Do on our way to the studio on the train,” Canning tells us. “Our best ideas always seem to come when we're switched off and not trying to write a song. It started off with the melody and the opening line ‘I wish I'd never met you,’ and went from there. There is always a certain pressure you have to ignore when writing, we feel. I think if we're too conscious of what we're doing it comes across that way.

"The song is about a relationship you know is failing and you feel trapped and don't know what to do," he explains. "You feel like if you had done things differently it may have lasted and that person could have been right. It's all those doubts you have at the end of something. ‘Was it me?’ ‘Were they "the one" and I fucked it up,’ or ‘were they just never right.’"

Listen to the stripped-back version of What I'd Do in the player below or on SoundCloud.

LOVE SICK play Mad Hatters, Inverness, 26 Apr; The Drouthy Cobbler, Elgin, 27 Apr; The Arch Inn, Ullapool, 28 Apr; Clarks on Lindsay Street, Dundee, 29 Apr; The Great Escape festival, Brighton, 17 May