John MOuse – Gladiator / Contender (Video Premiere)

Watch the new video for Gladiator / Contender by John MOuse

Video by Music Team | 08 Jan 2018

After a successful crowdfunding campaign, John MOuse (real name John Davies) is set to release his fifth album, Replica Figures, on 19 February via Keep Me in Your Heart Records. For the first time in 15 years, Replica Figures sees Davies return to work with original JT Mouse band member Stephen Black, aka Sweet Baboo. “Steve understood straight away what I was trying to achieve and we worked really quickly on just letting the songs breathe and be themselves. Nothing was overthought or overworked,” Davies says.

Replica Figures features Black on piano and bass; Paul Sheppard, former guitarist of early 90s indie band Hopper, and Davies’ daughter Maggie Lola on backing vocals. The album circulates around the concept of memories, different memories, how they are created, the lack of memory, enforced and false memories. "We wanted the album to have restrictions in place, a limited palette of instruments and sounds, and most importantly a vocal performance to capture emotion and the moment,” he continues. “We are so used to listening to perfect vocals and I wanted to create a snapshot, much like a memory."

Watch the video for Gladiator / Contender – the second single to be taken from Replica Figures – in the player above. “Gladiator is as direct a song about memory as the theme of the album gets,” Davies explains. “Throughout the album I explore the division between individual and collective memory and how they overlap.

“The memory of my Grandfather, in this instance, is individual to me, but I use Saturday afternoon television to merge this with the collective. One of the functions of individual memory is to strengthen bonds with others by sharing and I hope to achieve this with Gladiator.”

Replica Figures is set for release on 19 Feb via Keep Me in Your Heart Records