Help Musicians Scotland introduce Music Minds Matter

BMX Bandit’s Duglas T Stewart discusses his struggles with mental health and how Help Musicians Scotland gave him support and guidance through a particularly dark time in his life

Advertorial by Tallah Brash | 06 Nov 2018
Help Musicians Scotland
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Help Musicians UK has been operating since 1921 and is the leading independent music charity offering support to artists and industry professionals throughout the UK. Following on from collaborating with a number of events in Scotland throughout 2017, including being the official charity partner for the prestigious Scottish Album of the Year Award, the Scottish branch of Help Musicians UK – Help Musicians Scotland – was officially launched in 2018 via a series of Rooted in Scotland events.

Based at The Briggait in Glasgow, Help Musicians Scotland provide help and support for those working in the industry at all stages of their careers, through services, funds and grants focused on helping those experiencing mental, physical, financial and career health issues. They support Scottish musicians and music sector professionals working across all genres and in all stages of their careers, from emerging artists through to those who are retired.

The Skinny are delighted to announce our Media Partnership with Help Musicians Scotland where we’re thrilled to be able to share stories from those in the industry via a series of online videos, the first of which features BMX Bandit’s Duglas T Stewart. In the short film, which you can watch in the above YouTube player (or click here if it's not displaying correctly), Stewart very openly discusses the struggles he has faced as a musician and how hard it can be going from touring and sharing something with people to complete isolation; he talks about self-harming in his 50s and how Help Musicians Scotland have supported him, from sourcing a counsellor to helping with money to pay the bills.

Help Musicians Scotland offer a free to phone 24/7 Music Minds Matter service where in complete confidentiality you can speak to their trained support staff, any time of the day or night; they’re able to offer emotional support, advice and information to aid your needs. Through Stewart’s own experience with Help Musicians Scotland, he’s been able to offer advice to others in the industry who may be struggling with mental health: “if you need help, don’t be frightened to ask for it,” he says.

“HMScotland send our heartfelt thanks to Duglas T Stewart for being so bold, brave and kind,” say the organisation. “By sharing his story, he shines a spotlight on issues so many share, but are afraid to speak about.”

If you are in crisis, or you know someone who is, Help Musicians Scotland understand the difficulties musicians and those working in the music industry face on a daily basis and are #HeretoHelp and support you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can phone their Help Musicians 24/7 Mental Health Support Line on 808 802 8008 – because Music Minds Matter.

Help Musicians Scotland is #HeretoHelp
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Music Minds Matter
Help Musicians 24/7 Mental Health Support Line
808 802 8008