Helicon – Drinking of You (Track Premiere)

Listen to the new single, Drinking of You, from Glasgow's Helicon

Feature by Music Team | 22 Nov 2017
  • Helicon

Glasgow’s Helicon have amazingly been plugging away on the scene now for the better part of a decade, and with eight EPs and several tours under their belts they’re finally releasing their self-titled debut album this December via experimental rock’n’roll label Fuzz Club.

Exploring themes of love and loss, drugs and drink, religion and politics, life and death, Helicon is a collection of sprawling and expansive Eastern-influenced psych-rock produced by Tony Doogan (Mogwai / Belle & Sebastian) at Castle of Doom Studios with artwork by Jean Marc Calvet. Back in the middle of October the five-piece released the album’s lead single, Seraph, and are now unleashing Drinking of You on the world, which you can listen to in the below player.

“Drinking Of You is a song of love and loss and the bizarre juxtaposition that we feel in the comfort of being sad,” John-Paul Hughes, the band’s vocalist and guitarist tells us. “The off-beat synth and drum rhythms were written to disorientate, to make you feel uncomfortable and confused. The tuning of the guitars lends to the downwards, swirling helter-skelter feeling as though you’re losing control on the inside whilst the outside looks perfectly normal to others. It’s in the album as that moment of the trip when shit turns weird and you’re fighting off the panic before the Bold Yin comes in to make everything better.”

Helicon is set for release on 8 Dec via Fuzz Club and available to pre-order here.