Gitta De Ridder – The Wheel (Video Premiere)

Watch the new video for Gitta De Ridder's new single The Wheel

Video by Music Team | 16 Feb 2018

Anglo-Dutch singer-songwriter Gitta De Ridder is set to self-release her new album For Everything a Season on 23 March. The London-based artist’s latest single to be taken from the album – The Wheel – is out today and The Skinny are delighted to be premiering its accompanying music video, which you can watch in the above player or on YouTube.

The Wheel is a very light-on-its-feet shuffling pop song that’s perfect for the spring months. “The Wheel encapsulates the natural, almost hypnotic, rhythm of travelling and speaks about how we see all things through our conditioned view,” De Ridder tells us. “About how we need to break down what we think we know to find our own voices and to realise what is truly important in life.

“The video shows the overwhelming nature of our modern need for ‘stuff’ and how we are being fuelled by advertisements and fashions rather than actually being present and focussing on true connection and importance.

“My director and editor friend Hannah Lovell and I made this video in the kitchen of my London home with a couple of 'extra hands' to help us out as you can see.” De Ridder continues; “It was the second time we turned my kitchen into a 'video production studio' as we shot the video for Till the Day That I Die there too.

“We wanted to make something surreal but meaningful and were inspired hugely by the film work of Wes Anderson which we both love in terms of the styling and feel of it all. We had such fun on the day and while doing the edit! The 'product names picking' was a super fun game to play! I'd suggest anyone reading this try it out on a rainy day!

“Doing the 'stare vacantly into space while people put random stuff in front of me' shot was quite a challenge as it just felt so strange I couldn't keep a straight face initially. But we got there in the end! We're both extremely excited about how the video came out and I feel we've managed to put the message across we hoped to purvey. But you be the judge of that I suppose!"

The Wheel is out now; For Everything a Season is self-released on 23 Mar