Francis Macdonald & Harry Pye – We Love Mike Love (Video Premiere)

Watch the Beach Boys-inspired new video from Teenage Fanclub drummer Francis Macdonald and artist Harry Pye

Video by The Skinny | 20 Jun 2017

We Love Mike Love is taken from Bonjour, a new ten-track album from lo-fi artist and writer Harry Pye and Francis Macdonald, the composer and musician best known for his role as drummer in Teenage Fanclub. Described as a punky, catchy, tongue-in-cheek blend of pop, spoken word and minimalism, the duo's collaboration which led to Bonjour began with Pye asking Macdonald to write about his favourite Elvis Presley track for an exhibition in 2013 with the duo's chemistry growing and growing.

The Skinny is delighted to premiere the video for We Love Mike Love, an ode to the Beach Boys vocalist. The video was created by Pye and fellow artist Gordon Beswick, and features several Mike Love tribute paintings created by Harry with help from Rowland Smith. Pye told Beswick to aim for a tone somewhere between Happy Days and Acorn Antiques, with the video packed with Beach Boys fans and handmade banners professing their love for Love.  

Harry Pye says: "I became a fan of The Beach Boys from the moment I first heard them. It never mattered to me what they looked like, or which member wrote what, or if anyone else liked them. Mike Love is in his mid 70's and is still touring under The Beach Boys name giving pleasure to thousands of fans around the world.

"When some music journalists write about the band they often say Brian Wilson was the hero of the tale and Mike Love is the villain. But most fans know the truth is rarely pure and never simple – the important thing is the music! A lot of (Mike) Love went into this video. I hope everyone has fun, fun, fun watching it."

Francis Macdonald says: "I’m more of a Brian Wilson fan – but his surname doesn’t work so well. You can’t sing 'We Wilson Brian Wilson'."

Watch the video for We Love Mike Love in the player above. Bonjour by Francis Macdonald & Harry Pye is out on 7 Jul, and available for pre-order now.