Flux Velociraptor – Billy Everyteen (Video Premiere)

Watch the video for Billy Everyteen by Flux Velociraptor

Video by Music Team | 17 Apr 2018

Linlithgow riff-makers Flux Velociraptor are fresh from releasing their Velociraptor Attractor EP at the end of March and now have a shiny new music video to accompany one of its strongest tracks, Billy Everyteen.

“Billy Everyteen is our favourite problem child – he’s a bit moody, withdrawn and shall we say abstract and unusual, like many teenagers,” Gary Clinton, Flux Velociraptor’s guitarist explains, “but he’s trying to find his own place in the world as a unique individual and not to conform to the ‘norm’. He’s uncompromising, expressive and artistic, and, it’d be fair to say, a bit of a livewire – he can explode into violence and aggression if you’re not careful!

“Seriously though, I think Billy Everyteen is a song where I see Flux Velociraptor going in the future, sound-wise. A number of reviews of the EP we just released mentioned instruments that aren’t actually there like keyboard and also timings that are in fact wrong! I think it gives the impression more is there than there actually is – it’s just simply guitar, drums and bass and a couple of effect pedals. The rhythmic texture of the piece and the way it sort of grooves in a steady, yet off-kilter fashion I think adds to the intrigue of the song. Maybe it’s that making people think there’s more going on than there actually is.

“In terms of the video itself our initial intention was to do a ‘straight to tape’ live studio session at Chambers Studio in Edinburgh in a very similar fashion that our good pals Vasquez did a number of years back, but unfortunately we couldn’t get the dates to work. Instead, we recorded with the very talented Garry Boyle of Slate Room Studio but tried to keep the essence of a ‘straight to tape’ session – so we borrowed a Fisher Price Tape Recorder and did it that way – it was recorded and mixed totally live to Fisher Price Cassette! But we also made a live stereo bounce to hard drive as well… you know… just as a backup! But no mixing or editing was done to any of the tracks just as it would have been in a live analogue tape session.

“As a band we are not in any way bothered about being ‘the next big Scottish act’ and we’re certainly not trying to seek fame – I think that’s obvious based on the fact our music is instrumental and fairly uncompromising... What we want is to be thought of as a band who contributes towards rock music in a creative, different and hopefully interesting way.

“We want to be part of, and contribute to, a music scene that is looking for their music to perhaps be a wee bit different. To have live wires sticking out and blood dripping from it. Sometimes we perform, other times we are in the audience. We are as much fans of music as we are musicians and irrespective of where our music takes us and what happens in the future, it’s great fun being in a band! That’s actually the most important thing.”

The Skinny are pleased to be premiering the video for Billy Everyteen, which you can watch in the above player or on YouTube.

Velociraptor Attractor is out now