Floor Staff – Choice (Video Premiere)

Watch the video for Choice from Dublin-based songwriter Anthony Donnelly, aka Floor Staff

Video by The Skinny | 22 May 2017

Floor Staff's new EP Convictions tackles themes of bereavement, fidelity and self-esteem, creating grand pop pieces from the introspections of its creator Anthony Donnelly. Describing the process behind his new collection, recorded at Ailfionn Recording Studio with engineer Christopher Barry, Donnelly says: "We played and recorded various random objects, not necessarily to capture how they sounded, but to evoke a particular type of emotion or to work as metaphors for lyrical content.

"This included scraping kitchen knives together, playing portable radiators as snare drums and playing a bicycle wheel using a hard copy of [2016's The Good Luck] EP. In a way that was kind of cathartic for the recording process, in that damaging the old EP helped to highlight the irrelevance of previous work compared to what I was trying to achieve then and there. Stuff like that helped focus my attention on the present moment."

Introducing Choice, Donnelly says: "Choice is a song I probably would not have written before this EP. It started out almost as a house music track and ended up having no standard percussion elements at all. It’s the song that inspired the rest of the EP and set the tone for a more experimental production style. Lyrically the EP follows on from here with a tone of introspection and self examination."

Watch the video for Choice in the player above; the Convictions EP is out now – listen on Spotify here.