Fiskur – I Become Silver (Video Premiere)

Watch the new video for I Become Silver from Glasgow-based collective Fiskur

Video by Music Team | 09 Nov 2017

Fiskur is the new project from Glasgow singer-songwriter Ross Clark, joined by Frightened Rabbit multi-instrumentalist Andy Monaghan and drummer Christopher McGarry (Washington Irving, Three Blind Wolves). Fiskur's songs are drawn from a whole host of places and perspectives, with the project's goal "is to create music that excites, and not to be distracted by the trappings of making music in our modern world."

The brand-new video for I Become Silver was shot by Clark during a trip to China, and you can watch the video in the player above. Describing the track, Clark told us: "This song is about adapting to new situations and environments. The inspiration came from the life of a 'slob trout', which is a type of fish that adapts from fresh to salt water after travelling down river to the sea. Strangely, I can relate to this fish and wanted to use this as an inspiration for the video.

"I recently returned from a trip to China, I was working out there for four weeks and with a GoPro camera I filmed the various places I visited. If you have travelled for an extended period of time, you can appreciate that it can sometimes be an isolating experience; this being my third trip to China I decided when I felt isolated or lonely I would get out in the streets and try to discover new experiences. These would range from futuristic abandoned streets, to 2000-year-old streets to the best noodles in the city. I love China and feel that the only way to truly appreciate your environment is to experience all the highs and lows. In this video I'm going through the motions."

I Become Silver is available for download via iTunes; Fiskur play The Hug and Pint in Glasgow on 30 Jan 2018 as part of next year's Celtic Connections festival.