Elisabeth Elektra – I Am the Love (Elektra's Dance Mix)

Watch the video for I Am the Love (Elektra's Dance Mix), the latest single from Elisabeth Elektra's debut album to get a dance mix makeover

Video by Tallah Brash | 21 Jan 2021

Last Friday Glasgow-based ethereal pop queen Elisabeth Elektra released the Elektra's Dance Mix version of I Am the Love, the opening track from her 2020 debut album, Mercurial. Today, we're delighted to be bringing you its glorious accompanying music video.

You could almost be forgiven for thinking the snow-filled scenes from the music video were shot somewhere recently in Scotland, given the winter we've been having. But the truth is the footage was shot in the Joshua Tree desert in California, in the aftermath of a rare snow storm, and it’s the most perfect setting for Elektra’s frosty dance mix, as it too glistens like fresh snowfall on a bright winter’s day.

Filmed and directed by Californian artist Marina Fini, the song’s accompanying music video was worked on by an entirely female and non-binary team. The Skinny are delighted to be sharing the video for Elektra’s Dance Mix of I Am the Love, which you can watch in the above YouTube player (click here if it doesn’t display correctly).

“I Am the Love was always one of the songs I felt most connected to on my album Mercurial," Elektra tells us. "Probably because it’s the most personal. It’s a song about grief, and about how the love we have for a person doesn’t diminish after they are gone. 

“I wrote it really fast – it took about 30 minutes in total to write the song – but the production took more time, and the song has had many different versions. I decided to rework it last year in lockdown after learning drum programming, and this dance mix is the result. To me this definitely feels like the definitive version."

I Am the Love (Elektra's Dance Mix) is out now; Mercurial is out now via Occult Babes