Edwin Organ – Eurasian Cave Love (Track Premiere)

Listen to the new single, Eurasian Cave Love, from Glasgow's Edwin Organ and accompanying Bossy Love remix

Feature by Music Team | 28 Jun 2018
  • Edwin Organ

We recently caught Edwin Organ performing as part of Wide Days’ music showcases at Teviot Debating Hall back in April and we absolutely loved what we heard. His cover of LCD Soundsystem’s I Can Change for a BBC Introducing session last year totally knocked us sideways as well. Following the release of his Missing the T EP back in March, Edwin Organ is back with a brand new single, Eurasian Cave Love, and a tasty accompanying Bossy Love remix as its B-side.

The Skinny are delighted to be premiering this laid-back, bright and breezy new single – perfect for the current bout of hot weather we're having – which you can listen to, along with Bossy Love's remix featuring additional vocals from the inimitable Amandah Wilkinson, in the SoundCloud player below. If it's not displaying properly, click here. "Writing about heartbreak is pretty easy eh? We’ve been doing it for years," Edwin Organ's Eurasian Cave Love track description explains. "And no disrespect – there’s been some belters, but have you ever had your heart broken by a Neanderthal? Of course not. That’s physically impossible. But all the chat about our big-headed-smaller-stature hominid kin making up some tiny percentage of our DNA has got me thinking; How do you romance a lover who doesn’t speak your language?"

Edwin Organ himself then tell us, "If you want me to get a bit more into the nitty gritty – well everyone likes a song about love, it’s relatable. Love is a complex beast that I do not often write about, so coming from the angle of how we actually got to have 0.2% Neanderthal DNA is actually mad interesting when you think about how difficult it is to create a successful relationship with someone who speaks your own language, and also finds you attractive, let alone another species that speaks in a squeaky higher register. I'm hoping their courtship was full of cute little gifts and some kind of unspoken love affair that resonated on a higher level. But to be honest life was tough back then, so maybe it was more of a 'look it's cold out here if we team up and create a small team of little people to help us forage we will make it out in one piece.'"

Eurasian Cave Love is released on 29 Jun; Edwin Organ plays Broadcast, Glasgow, 5 Jul