Dante – Song (Track Premiere)

Perthshire six-piece Dante share a track from their forthcoming second album

Feature by The Skinny | 11 Dec 2017
  • Dante

Scottish indie collective Dante are set to follow up their debut album Wake with new record I Wear Your Weight With Mine – the album, produced by Frightened Rabbit's Andy Monaghan and with album artwork by former Arcade Fire art director Tracy Maurice, is due for release on 9 Mar via Stitch Records. Given those collaborators, it should come as no surprise that Dante's sound blends anthemic guitars with rich lyrics and folk elements, and we're pleased to be premiering the simply-titled Song from the new album. Give it a listen in the Soundcloud player below.

Telling the story behind the track, Dante's Seán McLaughlin says: "It’s one of the more thematically focussed pieces of writing on the new record. I’m always wary of imposing too much in terms of lyrical meaning when discussing songs. It has a very particular and deeply personal meaning for me but I’d love for someone else to find a different and equally personal meaning. From my perspective, without giving away too much, it’s about the unpredictability of some major changes in life and how rare it is to know what’s coming up next.

"It’s about exciting uncertainty, drawing parallels with a creative process – the act of producing something with little certainty of the specific steps you need to take in order to see it through. Sometimes you’re not even sure what that 'something' is until it’s finished. I don’t think of this as a pretentiously arty idea. Writing a song can be like Lego with no instructions; everyone’s built a laser-space-windmill, robot guinea pig, or equivalent.

"It’s about accepting and enjoying this type of chaos in your everyday life – amazing and beautiful things can come from that. Shit can also hit the fan, mind you, but it’s usually worth the risk."

I Wear Your Weight With Mine is out on 9 Mar via Stitch Records; Dante play Broadcast, Glasgow on 23 Jan with The Youth and Young & Deni Smith, as part of Celtic Connections 2018.