Chuchoter – Pieces (Track Premiere)

Listen to the new single from Edinburgh-based duo, Chuchoter

Feature by Music Team | 27 Nov 2017
  • Chuchoter

Edinburgh-based electronic outfit Chuchoter (pronounced ‘shoo-shaw-tae’) are vocalist Emily Smith and producer Owen McAllister. Although the duo grew up on the likes of James Taylor, The Smiths and Hall & Oates, they now class Bossy Love, Shamir, Chvrches and Jamie xx as influences on their heady mix of beats and dancefloor-friendly tunes.

Having released their debut EP Credo last year, Chuchoter are now set to self-release their new single Pieces – listen to it in the player below – on 1 Dec ahead of the release of their upcoming second EP. “[Pieces] is about guys in clubs who come on a bit too strong with unwarranted attention – essentially fuccbois – and about my ideal reaction to them,” Smith tells us. “In real life you don't normally get the opportunity to release all your inner crazy and just scream and tell people exactly where to go. So where I would usually give someone a dirty look, in the song I say everything that look means – essentially, ‘If you try anything, you'll regret it’.

“When Owen gave me the track to work on it didn't take long for the lyrics to start flowing. I think it's a more common scenario than any of us would like it to be, so it wasn't difficult to find inspiration, and after that it was just a case of letting go and allowing the lines to form. I think the bridge is probably my favourite part to perform because we get to use the vocal shifter to pitch me down a few octaves and you can sometimes see people jump at that bit.

“It's a really fun song with lots of attitude. It was a difficult one to record because of the loud vocals on the chorus and the contrast between that and the softer verses, but I think what we ended up with is energetic and powerful.”

Pieces is self-released on 1 Dec