Broken Records – They Won't Ever Leave Us Alone (Track Premiere)

Edinburgh's Broken Records announce details of their new album, What We Might Know, and share new single They Won't Ever Leave Us Alone

Feature by Music Team | 12 Dec 2017
  • Broken Records

This time last year, Broken Records were celebrating their 10th anniversary where it all began for the band, with a festive show in the cosy surrounds of Edinburgh bar Bannermans. Now they’re ready to celebrate their next chapter with the announcement of their fourth studio album, What We Might Know, set for release on 30 Mar.

Having re-united with producer Stephen Watkins – who recorded their self-released debut EP in 2007 – What We Might Know marks a departure for the Edinburgh band as they ditch their signature cinematic, string-drenched sound in favour of a deliberate attempt to recapture the chaotic nature of that debut EP.

In their latest single They Won’t Ever Leave Us Alone, which you can listen to in the player below, the resulting sound is akin to the likes of Bruce Springsteen and Alex Cameron; full of driving guitars, a catchy-as-hell chorus and hooks aplenty we guarantee you’ll be singing ‘They won’t ever leave us alone’ well into the new year.

"I've always been a fan of narrative, almost screenwriting style songwriting, the kind that can put you in a scene directly and They Won't Ever Leave Us Alone definitely fits in that mould,” frontman Jamie Sutherland tells us. “It's based around the idea of romance or relationships pushing against a judgemental or claustrophobic personal environment and that to indulge and acknowledge that romance, even for a moment, is worth the fallout.

“The Replacements and Springsteen have always been strong personal influences of mine and this tune came about through a demo I recorded which arrived virtually fully formed. The song took the time it took to play through to write, a gift when those ones land on your door... It was also a chance to indulge in some call-and-response vocals at the end in a shameless attempt to channel Patti Smith’s version of Gloria. If you're going to crib, crib from the best!”

What We Might Know is set for release on 30 Mar 2018