blood blood – The Fool (Video Premiere)

Watch the new video for The Fool by Davey Gwynne's blood blood, shot by Julie Fern Crawford and Catriona Clegg

Video by Music Team | 24 May 2018

blood blood is Glasgow solo multi-instrumentalist and talented noise maker Davey Gwynne, who can also be found playing with experimental band Machines In Heaven. As blood blood, Gwynne is gearing up to release his fourth album Black Tarot via Glasgow label Hot Gem, but before that we have an exclusive first listen (and watch) for you with the music video premiere for The Fool taken from the new album.

The Fool is concise at only two-and-a-half-minutes long and leads you down a bleeping Aphex rabbit hole with soothing repetitive unintelligible chant-like vocals before a warm beat envelopes you leaving you wanting more – it’s the perfect introduction to Black Tarot.

"The Fool is the first card in the tarot, traditionally representing a blank slate, innocence, naivety, improvisation and the beginning of a journey,” Gwynne tells us. “I wanted to create something that reflects how carelessly improvisational my recent life has been. I've always been a dude with his belongings on his back, apparently carefree, not giving a fuck that I'm about to walk off a cliff because I'm too busy looking at a flower I just found. I’m still The Fool, and I'm totally OK with that."

Watch the video for The Fool, shot by Julie Fern Crawford (aka Monkoora) and Catriona Clegg in the player above or here if it's not loading properly for you.

Black Tarot is released on 25 May via Hot Gem, available to buy here.