Adam Stafford – Strangers Care When You Burn (Track Premiere)

Listen to the beautiful new song Strangers Care When You Burn by Adam Stafford, taken from his upcoming new album

Feature by Music Team | 09 Feb 2018
  • Adam Stafford

If it seems like Adam Stafford only just released a record, then you’d be right; his experimental release Reverse Drift, a single 40-minute-long composition with accompanying photos, was released via Gerry Loves Records in June of last year. Later in the year he also put out a three-track recording entitled Torments Through Supernatural Flogging, but the prolific Falkirk-based talent is already back and he’s giving us a beautiful 94 second insight into his upcoming album Fire Behind the Curtain, set for release sometime later this year via Edinburgh label Song, by Toad.

The just over one-and-a-half-minute track, Strangers Care When You Burn, is a stunning centrepiece boasting simple, almost film-score-like-instrumentation; complete with a perfectly placed spoken word piece from Stafford it features pleasing alliterative moments and some beautiful onomatopoeic turns. Listen to the track in the SoundCloud player below.

Of the track, Stafford tells us: “Strangers Care When You Burn is a halfway point between the autumn requiem of the first side of Fire Behind the Curtain before the almighty resurrection of live favourites The Witch Hunt and Penshaw Monument. It is also the only spoken word track on the album, a poem inspired partly by my grandfather's funeral.

“It was odd because his brother, who was his double, was riding with us in the funeral car. The line 'Fire Behind the Curtain' was due to my naivety – I thought when the coffin disappeared behind it, the cremation started there and then. It is also a kind of metaphor for the fire – the hidden chaos – in life that we choose to hide behind our very own curtain."