SWYM – I Hate You Because (Video Premiere)

Watch the new video for I Hate You Because from Aberdeen's SWYM

Video by Music Team | 17 Aug 2018

Conceived by songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Nassif Younes; Aberdeen’s SWYM release their latest single today, the woozy, retro pop-tinged I Hate You Because which features Younes’ collaborator, and SWYM bandmate, Scott Bruce on vocals.

“Most of my songs come over time,” Younes tells us. “The hook comes quite quickly and then it's a slug to bring out the rest. I Hate You Because was one of the ones that just came immediately. I was walking to the studio to give a guitar lesson and it all just happened there: words, chords and melody at the same time. I left my student in the waiting room for five minutes so I could record it on my phone. As soon as I got home that day, I picked up the guitar again, put down the bridge and that was it.

“The song is about social anxiety and being an introvert in a world that tends to favour people with the loudest voices.” Younes continues, “I feel like in the arts, as well in work and our social lives, there's a real pressure on people to be outgoing and self-promoting, which can be really daunting for people who are more reserved. It happens a lot when I'm teaching music in schools – when we do something like songwriting, the louder kids become the natural leaders while the quiet ones struggle to get a word in.

“Nowadays, even novelists are checked on whether they're 'interview-ready' when they're considered for publication. I notice a lot of introverted artists trying to emulate that confident character to push themselves forward and it can really break someone." Younes concludes, "The whole point of the song is about accepting who you are and remembering that things like charm and swagger aren't everything – the world would be pretty annoying if everyone was like that!”

The Skinny are delighted to be premiering the video for I Hate You Because; watch it in the YouTube player above or by clicking here if it's not displaying correctly.

I Hate You Because is out now via Sywm Records