NOAH NOAH – Satellites (Video Premiere)

Watch the new music video for Edinburgh four-piece NOAH NOAH's latest single Satellites, shot in the beautiful surrounds of Leith Theatre

Video by Music Team | 10 May 2018

Since we last spoke with Edinburgh band NOAH NOAH (when we premiered their Thick As Thieves video) – formed in 2016, and fuelled by Fraser Fulton and Rowan Wood who have been writing songs together since they were only 11-years-old – their line-up has changed, introducing Drew Gray and Lesley Wilson into the fold.

The four-piece have recently been invited to play XpoNorth in Inverness at the end of June and have asked us to let you know to keep 13-17 June free in the ol' diary as they have some special shows planned around that time… you heard it here first!

In the meantime, NOAH NOAH have been experimenting with new material and The Skinny are delighted to be premiering the video for their latest single Satellites, which was filmed in the beautiful surrounds of Edinburgh’s Leith Theatre, which is set to be transformed once again this May/June for Hidden Door festival.

“Satellites was written by Rowan (Wood, NOAH NOAH's drummer) and is really the commentary of watching a loved one slowly deteriorate as they battle with dementia,” frontman Fulton tells us. “I lost my Grampa to this illness a few months back and Rowan has watched his Grandmother suffer with the disease for a long time so it was a subject matter that we both felt strongly about.

“The sombre topic also provided an opportunity to explore a different sound and led us to experiment further with instrumentation, using piano, cello and trumpet more than we have ever done before. Thanks go to Joanna Casson and Lewis Bunting for adding their skills for the shoot to really fill out the sound.

“We decided to film it in Leith Theatre for a few reasons,” Fulton continues. “Firstly, we spend the majority of our time in Leith. We have a studio just along the road from the theatre and walking by the entrance every day led us to wonder what was inside… I was lucky enough to see the inside last year when working for another band at Hidden Door festival and have been hooked on the idea of filming there ever since.

“It is an incredible space and as the refurbishment isn't finished yet, the disrepair of the building reflected the mood of the track perfectly. It was really inspiring to film there and Gareth Goodlad from OnRed is a real talent. We couldn't be happier with how the video turned out.”

Watch the video for Satellites in the player above or click here if it's not displaying.

NOAH NOAH play XpoNorth, Inverness, 27-28 Jun; and have some other plans for 13-17 Jun, so remember and keep that diary clear