Kid Canaveral – Callous Parting Gift: Video Premiere

Video by Music Team | 06 Feb 2017

Edinburgh five-piece Kid Canaveral return with latest single Callous Parting Gift, taken from their third album Faulty Inner Dialogue released last summer. The new LP finds the band building on the electronic sounds that featured around the fringes of previous record Now That You Are A Dancer while retaining their instantly identifiable core of miscreant-romantic melodic guitar pop.

Describing the track, Kate Canaveral said: “Callous Parting Gift is the poppiest selection to be released from the album to date... it sticks with the broader subject matter of the record, delving into a troubled mind's anxiety dreams that bleed into the waking world. The release is accompanied by a colourful new video directed by Richie Morgan of Cutscene Media.”

The band throw a Valentine's party of sorts later this month, with Lumber Party II – featuring Kathryn Joseph and HQFU – taking place at Stereo on Sat 11 Feb, David Canaveral has penned something of a love / hate letter to St Valentine himself.

Kid Canaveral's Valentine's Day letter...

Dear St Valentine,

I have extensively thumbed my copy of Roman Martyrology, and I have found that I need to carbon copy this missive to about ten of yous. Given that February is upon us again, I am compelled to ask: What do you reckon to the day that bears your name? You were always cutting about skelping the blindness out of folk or helping the Romans batter Goths, so I wonder how you feel about becoming the patron saint of spousal friction and tacky obligation? How your name has become a plague upon the houses of the single? 'That fud Chaucer has got a lot to answer for!', I imagine you crying.

However, I suppose you did make a rod for your own back when you invented Love Hearts™ for those aforementioned Roman soldiers in an attempt to remind them of their wives back home. To your credit, your messages survive in Swizzels’ current range - “Dinnae cheatvs oan yovr missvs, Antonivs” and “Let not those Vandal lassies tvrn yovr head” are messages that are still #relatable today.

Sometimes, my dear St Valentine, I find myself wondering whether it is distasteful that couples exchange unrecyclable gifts on the anniversary of the day that Claudius II had you clubbed to death for not backtracking on your statement that you were “hefty magical” and “acting on the orders of the one true big chap in the clouds”. I wouldn’t pretend to know the answer.

In order to alleviate the horror of the commercial tsunami of insincere, heart-shaped ephemera gushing toward us in your name, the musical group Kid Canaveral are putting on a show in a city bearing some of your own relics (I dare say you’re not the first person to bury their fingers in the Southern Necropolis).

Kid Canaveral’s Lumber Party II will take place on Saturday 11 February between the hours of 8pm and 3am at Stereo in Glasgow and will feature the talents of The Drink, Kathryn Joseph, HQFU, Rides of Christ and… Kid Canaveral. It is for the single, the attached, and those everywhere in between. There will be no Hallmark at the merch desk. Creeps will be ejected. There will be 5 hours of mighty fun and fine music. I will raise a glass to your terrible legacy.

Yours sincerely
J R Hartley, aka David Canaveral

Kid Canaveral's Lumber Party II is on Sat 11 Feb at Stereo, Glasgow; tickets here