K V A S I R – Motion: Video Premiere

Watch the video for new track Motion by Glasgow-based producer K V A S I R

Video by Music Team | 08 Dec 2016

Glasgow-based K V A S I R is relatively new on the scene, and somewhat of a mystery – if it weren't for his mask, you might recognise him from a relatively high-profile Scottish band. Unfortunately that's as much as we can say right now; we like to think of him as the Voldemort of the Scottish music scene – 'he who must not be named'.

All that aside, K V A S I R is delighted, as are we, to bring his immersive dance music to a wider audience with the recent release of his debut self-titled EP. Consisting of four unique tracks the EP flows with vibrant, glitchy beats; pulsing arpeggiators; discreet and dream-like vocals and a sweeping sense of joy. K V A S I R is hugely inspired by the way in which music combines with visuals and, in particular, film; recently having been impressed by the 80s inspired sound reinvigorated by the likes of S U R V I V E (Stranger Things, The Guest) and Cliff Martinez (Drive).

We've been fortunate enough to get our mitts on the video for K V A S I R opening track, Motion, and even managed to catch up with the mystery man himself to find out a bit more about it: "This track always wanted to be about escapism and travel, about making plans and running away. 'Short shirts, long hair, feet up, top down' was as close as I could get to being that guy without a care for the life left behind, tangled up in some shit, short-term fling.

"When we came to make the video I wanted to get across the idea of escaping; we went to this amazing hotel that was like a museum to the late 60s; full of these long dark corridors and brutal concrete exteriors. I fell in love with the place. We shot the promos there and a few weeks later we were back to shoot the video. It's a film about communication, technology, movement and human touch."

K V A S I R is out now via KV10 Records