JAXN – Hot Love (ft. Hookani): Video Premiere

Watch the 'globetrotting' video for the new track by Manchester R'n'B producer JAXN

Video by Music Team | 02 Feb 2017

Manchester’s esoteric young gun JAXN is planning to take 2017 by storm with his unique angular brand of R’n’B, but chooses to keep things short and sweet when describing his sound as simply ‘soulful electronic pop’. Having recently caught the eyes and ears of Black Butter Records with his Jai Paul-like influences, JAXN opens 2017 with new track Hot Love, featuring Hookani.

With a 60 year-old carbon copy of Prince’s iconic guitar at hand, JAXN combines heavenly guitar riffs with lulling falsetto harmonies sat on a warm hip-hop rhythm section. Accompanied by a light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek music video, JAXN blends a variety of styles to create a soulful melodic record that will leave you wanting more.

Of the track JAXN told us he “approached the writing process a little differently than usual [and] had a good laugh in the process. [I] went with a different vibe – something that could potentially be revisited with Hookani in the near future. The track is somewhere between chill and funk. I like to call it Chunky.”

Hot Love (ft. Hookani) is out on Fri 3 Feb