Echo Machine – Automatic Love (Video Premiere)

Watch the video for Automatic Love, the latest single from Dundee's Echo Machine

Video by Music Team | 01 Jul 2019

Dundee’s Echo Machine first came to our attention last summer, not long after they formed last spring. Including former members of The Mirror Trap, Echo Machine started out as a three-piece, but the band have recently upgraded to a quartet with “synth maverick” Lewis Bage – “he’s so new he isn’t in the press photos yet”, having recently joined singer Gary Moore, guitarist Michael McFarlane and bassist Ben Doherty.

Following on from releasing their St Elmo and Vibrations singles last year, earlier this year Echo Machine released Chameleon. They’re already releasing their second track of 2019 with Automatic Love, which we’re delighted to be premiering the music video for.

Shot by Troy Nelson of Magic Box, the video for Automatic Love is an incredible homage to all of the amazing 80s-era Top of the Pops videos that came before, and the only thing which gives it away as being from 2019 and not 1989 is the Tongue Trap T-shirt singer Gary Moore is wearing beneath his new romantic getup.

“Automatic Love is a song about the modern curses of distraction and instant satisfaction,” Moore tells us. “We don't really know what we want, but we want it right now, and it has to be perfect. We spend our time comparing ourselves to avatars of our own creation, getting sad that we never match up to this ideal version of ourselves, or to the ideal versions other people project of themselves. We are all fighting good causes but never find the time to really commit. I don't know how many times I've had grand intentions of getting out and ‘doing something’, only to glance over at my phone and instantly lose two hours of my life. And generally I'll find I'm a lot sadder afterwards.

“Automatic Love is part of what has become a bit of concept album that we have been working on,” Moore continues, “detailing one person's journey from the realisation that they are an entirely atomised being, nothing more than a competing unit of time on a rota, through to them dealing with this by indulging in a massive masochistic downward spiral and then maybe, just maybe, we'll find a little hope at the end.

“Musically it comes from a love of 80s crooning pop music, mixed with our absolute obsession with the last Underworld album.”

Watch the music video for Automatic Love in the YouTube player above – click here if it’s not displaying correctly.

Automatic Love is released on 5 Jul; Echo Machine play XpoNorth, Inverness, 3 Jul; Atlas Weekend, Kiev, 13 Jul; King Tut's Summer Nights, King Tut's, Glasgow, 17 Aug; Clarks, Dundee, 29 Aug