Broken Records – Perfect Hollow Love (Video Premiere)

Watch the stunning new video for Broken Records' latest single Perfect Hollow Love shot by Edinburgh-based filmmaker Mario Cruzado

Video by Music Team | 10 May 2018

Edinburgh’s Broken Records are fresh from releasing their fourth album What We Might Know which is drenched in Bruce Springsteen-style big production: drums, jangly guitars, brass, piano, vocals; the whole shebang, but in a good way. The latest single to be taken from the album, Perfect Hollow Love is dripping in the 80s, full of all that Boss familiarity, but also reminiscent of The Cure’s In Between Days.

"Perfect Hollow Love is probably the purest pop song I've written,” Brecords frontman Jamie Sutherland tells us. “An attempt to capture some of the sense of fun of late 80s R.E.M., with a lyric that adds just enough sour to the mainly major chords that underpin the tune.

“It's a selfish love song I guess, written from the point of view of someone who hasn't given a lot in a relationship and then realised at the last moment, the moment of parting, that what they weren't really committing to is the most important thing they have. A hell of a lot of fun to play live and finally we wrote a chorus!”

The Skinny are delighted to be premiering the video for Perfect Hollow Love which you can watch in the player above (click here if it’s not displaying in your browser). Shot by Edinburgh-based filmmaker Mario Cruzado, who tells us: ''The interpretation I gave to the song lyrics made me think of a person who’s trying to grasp onto someone or something and they’re not entirely sure how to, so I thought that materialising landscape sound recordings into physical objects would be a way to do it.”

As you’ll see when you watch the video above, its main protagonist has the head of a crow. “There’s something I loved about the anthropomorphic image of a human with a crow head so I just went for it,” Cruzado explains, “bought some metal mesh, tonnes of tissue paper, 600 feathers, some fake fur and a pair of acrylic eyes for taxidermy. Adding individual feathers was the hardest bit of this project!

“We went to the Pentlands and shot on an unusually nice day after the heavy snow. The initial idea was for the video to be summery but I think it worked out just fine in the end: the character in the video is covered by a mask and nature is covered by snow. Deep stuff, right?”

What We Might Know is out now; Broken Records play The Borderline, London, 10 May; Night People, Manchester, 12 May; Stereo, Glasgow, 18 May