Art of the Memory Palace – A Tilt Remains: Track Premiere

Video by Music Team | 31 Jan 2017

Listen to A Tilt Remains by Art of the Memory Palace from their Voiture Blanche dans le Noir soundtrack

Andrew Mitchell and Raz Ullah make up Dundee-based psychedelic krautrock duo Art of the Memory Palace. This February they are set to release a soundtrack to the 1972 French new wave thriller Voiture Blanche dans le Noir (White Car in the Black) via Horror Pop Sounds on limited cassette tape and download.

Voiture Blanche dans le Noir depicts France during the period of volatile, civil unrest of the late 1960s, set against the backdrop of protests and street violence and tells the story of politically active factory worker Iris, and her lover, and fellow worker, Alain.

While challenging traditional institutions, values and order their lives unravel when Iris disappears in the middle of the night. Alain begins a quest to find her among the maze of city streets. He discovers other workers have also vanished during the night with a sinister white Citroën seemingly never too far from the last sightings of his comrades. Does it represent a malign solution to the problem of free thought? Or, a far more sinister government plot? It may be Alain's last hope of finding Iris alive.

Art Of The Memory Palace deliver a mesmerising score, utilising an array of synthesizers, mellotron, dulcimer, harpsichord, drums, bass and more to capture the dark, paranoid essence at the heart of film and the surreal manic visions of Alain as he hunts down the ominous white car at night.

We spoke to Art of the Memory Palace about how they became involved in the project: "I wasn't aware of Voiture Blanche dans le Noir before Horror Pop Sounds approached us,” Mitchell explains. “But we were both quickly smitten with the idea of trying to record a soundtrack for it. Prior to writing, we listened to a lot of Jean-Claude Vannier and Francois de Roubaix in an effort to maintain some thread of melancholy and melodic anxiety throughout.”

Ullah adds: "Our first album was a cassette release as well, it's a format we're very fond of. I think Horror Pop Sounds did a beautiful job on the collage artwork for the sleeve. This particular track, A Tilt Remains, for me, straddles a kind of Broadcast and Serge Gainsbourg territory."

Voiture Blanche dans le Noir is released on 17 Feb via Horror Pop Sounds