WOMPS @ The Hug & Pint, Glasgow, 25 September

Live Review by Graeme Campbell | 07 Oct 2015

With its low ceilings and tight walls, tonight’s host seems tailor-made for such nights. The Hug & Pint might be new, but it carries off the late 80s Seattle DIY vibe nicely. Opening are newcomers Dune Witch Trails with their scuzzy, disaffected strain of lo-fi which falls along the lines of early GBV with a dash of post-punk angularity thrown in for devastating measure. This Glasgow mob's unfettered energy is in stark contrast to PAWS’ Phillip Taylor, who performs a solid by filling in after a late withdrawal due to sickness. Taylor serves up some midway point respite by way of a stripped back set of old and new(ish) PAWS favourites.

Over the past few years, surf-punkers Halfrican have certainly carved a niche and, despite a recent line-up tweak, appear only to be getting tighter. With Kill Surrrf’s Johnny Lynn joining permanently on guitar, he fits the customary short shorts well as the new-look quartet blast out a breakneck thirty minute set.

Following such a feral performance is never easy, but WOMPS (no stranger to change themselves) aren’t exactly shrinking violets. Predictably, a thunderous version of the Steve Albini-recorded Live A Little – the single they’re here to launch – gets the place bouncing, with singer Ewan Grant’s blood-stained guitar tangible evidence of a job well done. The venue might still be in its infancy, but it’s hard to picture a louder night at the Hug & Pint any time soon.