Whirlwind Heat @ Cabaret Voltaire

the boys kicked-off brilliantly by throwing your senses into a little box to give them a good battering

Article by Chris Nordeng | 15 Jun 2006
When you leave a gig to the sight of a drum-kit in pieces and find yourself recalling memories of a man downing a bottle of vodka while raping a moog etched in your mind, you can be sure that the act you've just witnessed have tried their best to vandalise both your eardrums and your perception of music alike. Guilty of the chaos provided in this instance were Whirlwind Heat, a Michigan three-piece who spend their time producing a violent mix of drums, bass and electro in some sort of erratic math-core inspired way that only very dedicated and insane men can do. With a fresh LP at hand the boys kicked-off brilliantly by squeezing the senses into a little box for a good battering. Sadly, this wasn't the standard set adhered to throughout a gig as it began to lose pace and quality, although the initial potential was there for a superior spectacle. [Chris Nordeng]