Union of Knives plus support, Cabaret Voltaire Edinburgh Feb 15

slightly more style than substance

Article by Milo McLaughlin | 17 Mar 2006
Openers Employee of the Month fill Cabaret Voltaire with their desolate atmospherics before most of the audience has arrived, but those who do see them are suitably impressed. Quinn's debut album is currently being produced by Kid Loco, appropriately for a more organic version of the likes of Air and Morcheeba. Pleasant, but hardly groundbreaking. Union of Knives have successfully dispensed of the need for a human drummer, and on their best tunes Evil has Never and Operated On, they combine Depeche Mode and Death in Vegas with impressive panache. Already a name to drop amongst the fashionable indie set, they've gained airplay from Radio 1 tastemaker Zane Lowe as well as BBC6 Music and XFM Scotland. However to those of us not as caught up with current fashions they come across as slightly more style than substance, with not enough of their tracks standing out as distinct entities. [Milo McLaughlin]
all bands rated 3 stars.
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