Tool @ Carling Academy

It's Tool time...

Article by Dave Kerr | 15 Jul 2006
By merging their own archetypal intensity with a canny knack for euphoria-enticing riffage, Tool maintain their standard for conjuring up a certain blend of nigh-on-masochistic despair which establishes an undeniable connection with their audience tonight. The balance-redressing finesse of recent opus '10,000 Days' is melted down into the live show – as Danny Carey's cymbals are to create his elaborate Star Wars prop of a drum kit - to produce another exemplary piece of the LA quartet's puzzle for us to suck on.

MJK and co proceed to hammer out the colossal Rosetta Stoned with oddball incontinence-exploring lyrics and take us down memory lane with the nuclear blues of Stinkfist and 46 & 2 before the all out primal scream of Sober quite visibly finishes the job of pumping the room full of Goosebumps. Elsewhere, the lead-heavy groove of Jambi triggers inevitable whiplash for all while Adam Jones' gothic animatronic handiwork floats by on the projectors centre-stage; a visual aid that keeps the bleary eyes focussed in the sweltering academy.

Finally, the monolithic self-help guide that is Ænima points toward a sobering proposition or two and it becomes clear that there will be no finer soundtrack to accompany the quiet dissolution of the earth's polar ice caps. A monumental band of our times. [Dave Kerr]