Times New Viking @ Nice 'N' Sleazy, 17 Sep

Article by Jason Morton | 22 Sep 2009

The sound of Beach Boys classic Good Vibrations fills the air at Sleazy's preceding Times New Viking’s set tonight. Fitting, because once one pares away the lo-fi, blown-out sounds of their records, TNV are proven indie pop specialists. In the live setting, robbed of these production qualities, the Ohioans start a little slow out of the gate. However, once their sound issues are sorted and drummer/vocalist Adam Elliott gets to showing off some stand-up power drumming, the band pick up speed. Giving Glasgow a taste of the forthcoming Born Again Revisited, the trio rips through half a dozen noise pop nuggets, even managing to work in a little Sabbath riffage to bridge a couple of numbers. While the crowd could benefit from a bit more of this newfound vigour, the set ends quickly. And though this is disappointing, the night's highlights defy the sceptics to show that TNV hold up as a solid rock band, even without the amps cranked to 11.