The Organ @ King Tut's

Whose goldfish died?

Article by David Winton | 16 May 2006
Taking the stage with a slow kind of shudder, the Organ put on a brave front. Each of the band's members all seemingly have some worldly pain etched on their face, fighting to hold on for the night. I wouldn't be surprised if someone's relative or goldfish had died 10 minutes before they were due on. Still, they pulled the mood back to a beautiful, masochistically layered 80s mood. The singer, Katie Sketch, classically described as an androgynous Morrissey, comes into her own as a modern day Sarah Bernhardt, doling out empowering personal ballads with punk-rock fervour. Her onstage presence warrants nudging your way up close just to see her strut for 5 minutes. Add her to a democratic, simple backing band and out breaks a bittersweet anti-chick-rock Smiths, cementing the Organ as entirely unique icons. [Dave Winton]