The Long Blondes @ Mono, 28 Apr

Perhaps not for the majority

Article by Malky B | 15 Jun 2006
  • The Long Blondes

When nearly 300 people simultaneously stop and give the stage their undivided attention, you know something unique is happening. 1990s' voracious pure pop abutted melodies and direct style has been said to be leading, adding or even creating a new scene in Glasgow. But who cares? The band are purveyors of simple, quality rock 'n' roll and non-scenesters can apply. So with costume jewellery, polka dots and cardigans, The Long Blondes follow with their assured take on "cool" pop. With the fashion appearing almost as important as the music, it was apparent that Mono's interest was waning. The carefree punk disco was perhaps not for the majority who clearly had ventured out for the 1990s set and as such trickled out away from The Long Blondes' sleazy glamour and tales of suburban disco living. An evening for locals in a local venue.