The Hazey Janes @ The Swamp Bar

Rampantly enthusiastic

Article by Jess Chilton | 16 Apr 2006
The Hazey Janes, a rampantly enthusiastic folky pop four-piece hailing from Dundee, bought Saturday to a storming close for us lucky lot at The Swamp this weekend. True, nothing short of the live flaying of baby seals could have dampened the celebratory atmosphere that pervaded the city after a certain sporting victory, but The Hazey Janes made Cali Backpackers their own for the night and used the energy to full effect. The layout of the venue presents a challenge to bands, who are forced to complete with a huge, central bar from a relatively far-flung corner. However, with a stash of fast-paced and instantly likeable songs to belt out with as much vigour as is humanly possible, these guys made short work of anything that threatened to stand in their way. [Jess Chilton]