The Breeders @ The Liquid Room, Edinburgh, 28 May

The Deal sisters roll back the years with ease in front of a long sold-out Liquid Room audience, successfully bringing their signature sound into 2018

Live Review by Lewis Wade | 01 Jun 2018

Rising star, Pip Blom cuts an impressive figure in an early support slot, bringing the lo-fi jams that fall in just the right side of punk to satisfy the rapidly growing crowd. Frontwoman Pip and her band are barely out of their teens, but they already have a nonchalant, easy-going energy that allows their infectious music to speak for itself.

It's almost 30 years since the original lineup of The Breeders spent a fruitful few weeks in Edinburgh's Palladium Studios recording their debut album, Pod. Now, the Deal sisters, plus Josephine Wiggs and Jim MacPherson, are rolling back the years with ease in front of a long sold out Liquid Room audience. Opening with the first track of 1993's Last Splash, New Year, and following it up with two cuts from this year's All Nerve, it's incredible to see how cohesive their material is, despite line-up alterations and lengthy gaps between albums.

The majority of the set is made up of those two albums, with just the occasional song from Pod or Title TK. No Aloha and Drivin' on 9 are early highlights but the heavy hits are saved for the end, with Cannonball still sounding remarkably fresh 25 years later. Kim switches to bass for the Wiggs-led MetaGoth and sticks with it for the rousing Gigantic to close out the main set in style.

The sisters are chatty all night (with just the occasional deadpan interjection from Wiggs), talking with the audience, joking around and clearly enjoying themselves. By the time we get to Do You Love Me Now?, the band have not only proven why they were so revered in the early 90s, but also that they still have the creative energy to successfully bring their signature sound into 2018.