State of Affairs, Private Jackson and Deadenstereo - Bannermans

without that extra something few will make it<br/>

Article by Alistair Brown | 15 Feb 2006
This music game, it's one of fine lines and USP's. Many a young band has slipped away with good songs well performed, but without that extra something few will make it.

Young punks State Of Affairs kick off tonights Bannermans line-up with a set that shows no such individuality, but their back-to-basics energy works on a base level to get the watchers tentatively shaking their thang, and covers of Richard Thompson and the Buzzcocks are enough to briefly lift the spirits after a miserable chilly day in the capital.

Private Jackson have been optimistically compared to Sonic Youth, seemingly with no regard to what made the Youth truly great. Their USP was held within their experimentation with tones and structure, an inventiveness which is lacking here. Narrow, repetitive melodies drift in one ear and out the other, barely raising an eyebrow. One girl in the crowd wobbles unconvincingly; everyone else is completely still. Instead of offering excitement or interest, Private Jackson provide a good chance to go for a pint.

Headliners Deadenstereo aren't much better, with a brand of American college rock that's been done before to much better effect. Considered verse leads to epic, emotional chorus, plodding verse, rockin' chorus, beedle-twee guitar solo – Deadenstereo also lack anything that could help them stand out in a crowd. Being tight with the guitars and drumming is one thing; having songs of a quality to keep a crowd interested and involved throughout is quite another. [Alistair Brown]
State of Affairs 3/5

Private Jackson 2/5

Deadenstereo 2/5

Bannermans, Jan 6