St Deluxe @ Stereo, 6 Feb

Article by Ryan Drever | 09 Feb 2010

It's always a shame when an audience is tardy, leaving a band like Licker (***) to play to the walls. However, the band themselves don't seem too fazed and manage to coast through a set of chunky, infectious guitar pop with minimal fuss. A few self-deprecating quips delivered with cheeky grins suggest this trio are having more fun than you might think.

On to Peter Parker (***), who make no bones about how happy they are - well, mainly singer/guitarist Roz Davies who grins and dances to every beat of the band's ragged yet utterly sunny tunes. A broken bass and mysterious tempo drops aside, the harmonies are spot on and the guitars mush together to create a shimmering backdrop to their endearing yelps.

As the last cluster of bodies finally pile inside, St Deluxe (***) set about asserting their position as headliners. Covers, new cuts - including latest single After The Fire, being launched here tonight - and fan favourites like Stupid Ideas and Can't Change are delivered with the youthful exuberance of a bedroom jam and the visceral guitar attack of J Mascis. Despite the occasional instrumental meandering, tonight's performance is confident and well executed; as blissfully melodic as it is truly ear-baiting. [Ryan Drever]