Spiral Oh @ The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow, 7 Dec

A solid trifecta of homegrown talent proves a tough act to follow for Newcastle four-piece EAT FAST at tonight's Spiral Oh party

Live Review by Claire Francis | 15 Dec 2017
  • West Princes live at The Safari Lounge, Edinburgh

Glasgow-based record label Spiral Oh have brought EAT FAST up from Newcastle for tonight's show, with support from three of Glasgow's (relatively) new outfits. LUCIA are a last minute cancellation, but one group's loss is another's gain and Unskilled Labour step up at the final hour to complete the line-up. The duo, comprised of Robbie Houston (Sweaty Palms / Objectified) and James Gage (Passion Pusher), wear hi-vis workman's vests as they share ruminations on everything from bank holidays to the perils of a Megabus journey, set to woozy, twisted fairground melodies that wouldn't be out of place split somewhere between a Country Joe and the Fish record and a B-side by The Fall.

West Princes then step up a gear with a slick set that showcases their breezy compositions. With bubbling, interwoven guitars and rich vocals, the group have a sound that's lush and opulent yet still packs a punch in a live setting (and if you got your hands on a pair of their sweet socks from the merch table, bravo). Third up we then have the talented quintet Home$lice, who smash out a hugely fun set that features some of their older material (like the infectiously swinging Sick) alongside some more racous, garage-pop leaning fare. Keep your eyes peeled for exciting new stuff from them in the new year.

It's a tough trifecta for EAT FAST to follow – by the time the four-piece hit the stage, the crowd has substantially thinned. Touring in support of their EP Immortal Kombat, they pull off a polished set, with the heaviest mood of the night born out of their mix of sludgy bass, fuzzy riffs and insistent noise pop. EAT FAST are good, but dare we say it, not nearly as much fun as Glasgow's homegrown talent.