Speedy Ortiz / Trust Fund / Pinact @ Stereo, Glasgow, 22 Oct

Live Review by Graeme Campbell | 26 Oct 2015

Fresh off the plane from their CMJ excursions in New York, Pinact waste little time fucking around: they tear into their set with the sort of brio you’d expect from a band still pumped with the residual adrenaline from playing the first transatlantic shows of their career. It’s not even gone 8 yet and the crowd is understandably stiff, but that makes little difference to frontman Corrie Gilles as he batters out barre chords like machine gun fire. By the last song, he’s even throwing in some wounded Cobainian howls.

Slightly more measured is the peppy art rock of Ellis Jones’ Trust Fund, who straddle two extremes by veering between candycane harmonies and fleshy, grunge riffs. There are some sound problems and a few timing hiccups here and there, but they play with such wide smiles on their faces that it’s hard not to be touched by a sense of joie de vivre.

Speedy Ortiz are the physiognomic antithesis when they take to the stage, but maybe that’s because singer Sadie Dupuis has a sore throat and is on the tea. Even if that curtails some song choices, it’s still quite an experience to witness her exalted melodies in the flesh. There are elements of Slint, Pavement and even Soundgarden present, but the band is a whole lot more than just 90s pastiche and by set closer American Horror, near every person in the room is beaming. For a tenner, you can have no complaints. [Graeme Campbell]