Sparks @ Carling Academy, 12 Feb

a masterful study in fun and frolics

Article by Paul Mitchell | 17 Mar 2006

And so, the Sparks crusade continues. To a record industry sorely lacking imagination, Ron and Russell Mael deliver an enema in the form of 'Hello Young Lovers'. In showcasing this album, the tongue in cheek, pop/art aura they have cultivated was given free reign. Trademark witticisms - "Chicks D-I-G metaphors. Don't! Don't mix them!" - were interspersed joyously with animated video projections for each song (synchronised dancing tigers anyone?). That the new record showed up well in comparison to a random selection of glam, electro and vaudeville from their 20 album history is testament to Sparks' continued creativity. Still, it came as no surprise that the lustiest crowd response was reserved for 'This Town Ain't Big Enough for the Both of Us' - a masterful study in fun and frolics. Five stars from this reviewer would necessitate the discovery of the meaning of life, but the lithesome 50-something years-old Mael may well be heading in that direction. [Paul Mitchell]