Sleaford Mods @ The Liquid Room, Edinburgh, 6 Oct

Sleaford Mods open on a giddy high that doesn't subside for their entire set

Live Review by Lewis Wade | 10 Oct 2017

Sleaford Mods are the very definition of 'no-frills'. With just a laptop and a microphone they manage to create a jubilant, electric atmosphere in the long sold-out Liquid Room tonight. The stage here isn't particularly big, but it looks huge with so little on it. Nevertheless, Jason Williamson makes good use of the space, prowling about with mic stand in hand, twitching restlessly and giving it his best Jagger moves.

Most of the set is drawn from this year's brilliant English Tapas, with the odd choice cut from elsewhere. I Feel So Wrong and Army Nights open the performance on a giddy high that doesn't subside for the entire show. Williamson has a rare performative energy that shines through as he gets more and more worked up by his own material. His ranting, snarling delivery brings the audience to a frenzy on every other song – the lyrical dexterity, and its potent message for these fraught times, resonates with the crowd and forges a connection between performer and viewer that goes far beyond what the average band is capable of.

From Britain Thirst, Moptop and Snout through to Jolly Fucker, Cuddly and B.H.S.; Williamson has the audience rapt throughout (only peripherally do you spot Andrew Fearn at the side, bobbing away with bottle in hand after hitting play on the next set of beats). The chat is minimal tonight, just the usual “Y'avin' a good time, tonight, are ya?” and a few “Thanks”.

Jobseeker and Tweet Tweet Tweet arrive in the encore and close the show on a delirious high note, the crowd intermittently trying to keep up or just watching, wide-eyed, at the sheer spectacle of unbridled, unpretentious passion. No-one is in any doubt that they've just seen one of the best acts in the UK today.