Ruby and The Emeralds @ The Jazz Bar

Once people got up dancing and whooping, the band rocked the crowd

Article by Ali Maloney | 15 Jul 2006
Perth's "five-piece trio" Ruby and The Emeralds are a mix of influences, and the resultant soup manages to straddle genres without contrivance.
They don't play funk as such, but are underpinned by a very funky rhythm section indeed, over which elements of psychedelic reggae, rock and jazz collide. Although more suited to a beer-pong fuelled house party than the regimented atmosphere of a midweek night at The Jazz Bar, the band still managed to rock the crowd. They played an action packed set that included a funked up Black Magic Woman, Frank Zappa-esque story telling and a scat pitched almost perfectly between James Brown and Tom Waits. The band sometimes seemed to flounder over how to end the songs, but once people got up dancing and whooping, they seemed far more at ease. [Ali Maloney]