Robin Guthrie @ Cameo Cinema, 3 Jun

fashions lasting impressions of an experience of heaven

Article by Rupert Thomson | 15 Jul 2006
  • Robin Guthrie

Robin Guthrie (see our latest issue) is best known as the instrumentalist half of the Cocteau Twins, one of Scotland's most unique and loved bands, but tonight's Lumiere show is quite distinctly a solo performance. Standing alone in the red light of a sound engineer, Guthrie plays along, live, to the projection of an animated film he has also made himself. The images on screen are of many parts, often with more layers and sections than the eye can consciously take in, but the muted colours and the steady pace of movement prevent these near-abstract forms from seeming fussy. The music is equally gestural, as Guthrie loops and distorts his guitar to create dreamlike planes of sound, confident shapes that contrast with the broken lines of the animation. The result is a composite mood of complex emotional beauty; despite the shallow tinny-ness of the programmed laptop accompaniment, Guthrie nevertheless fashions lasting impressions of an experience of heaven. [Rupert Thomson]