Reneé Rapp @ O2 Academy, Glasgow, 25 Feb

Hot on the heels of her starring role as queen bee Regina George in the Mean Girls musical reboot, Broadway sensation Reneé Rapp brings her first solo show to a packed out O2 Academy Glasgow

Live Review by Mia Boffey | 04 Mar 2024
  • Renee Rapp, O2 Academy Glasgow, 25 Feb

Dressed in a baggy T-shirt, boots and cut off blue jeans, Reneé Rapp seems casually cool and totally at ease with her audience as she bounds onto the stage. With an excitable energy and unfaltering powerhouse of a voice, she launches straight into fan favourite Talk Too Much from last year’s Snow Angel – all the more impressive when she later reveals she’s just started a course of antibiotics for tonsillitis. Campy graphics and an impressive light show back her up as she continues into the catchy ditty Poison Poison about failed friendship. 

“She’s the new lesbian Jesus”, a fan can be overheard quipping following gay anthem Pretty Girls, and, from the rapturous screaming reaction of the crowd to the pride flag Rapp brandishes during this song, perhaps this is not so hyperbolically off the mark as it first seems. She doesn't catch many of the comments from the audience, perhaps a combination of her illness and the accent, but she chats away anyway, seemingly in her element: “I’ve never seen anyone jump so high, I’m obsessed”, she tells one fan with a laugh. 

Reneé Rapp on stage in Glasgow, holding a microphone towards the audience.
Image: Reneé Rapp @ O2 Academy, Glasgow, 25 Feb by Kate Ferrier

Rapp achieves dramatic highs, including a live version of the catty Not My Fault from Mean Girls (despite slight inadequacy of a tipsy Glasgow audience filling in for rapper Megan Thee Stallion) and emotional lows over the course of the night, with moving acoustic moment I Wish which sees Rapp and her guitarist come together at the front of the stage.

Concluding with the title track from Snow Angel, Rapp returns to the stage, with white wings projected behind her as she delivers an electrifying encore. She seems in this moment to transcend the Broadway star turned movie star, and now budding pop star. It seems there's no stopping the powerhouse that is Reneé Rapp; she absolutely dazzles in Glasgow.