Red Sparowes @ Stereo, 10 Jul

Article by Jason Morton | 16 Jul 2008
  • Red Sparowes

Underground metal acts can be impressively deceptive. Case in point: Opening for the spell-check hated Red Sparowes, Loss Leader (4/5), a two-piece from Glasgow, bring an intensity implemented by grinding guitar and full throttle drumming, accented with electronics. Mastermind Joe Quimby alternates between a gutteral growl and higher pitched screaming, but there's melody to his metal, and a solid brand of songwriting and performance.

LA's Red Sparowes (4/5), meanwhile, have a background and reputation that would suggest crunching or droning riffs to populate their music. They eschew vocals to focus on their massive sound, and as one member performs with Isis and the band has toured with the likes of Pelican, one would expect masterful heavy instrumentation. The Sparowes deliver - the Stereo crowd can attest to that – though the sound is less post-metal than heavy post-rock. This makes the band no less compelling: While a typical Sparowes song can come on like a trickle, they build up their sound with angular riffs, as well as several impressive integrations of steel guitar, to a high water mark sure to please any fan of well thought out instrumental rock.

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Red Sparowes' latest release, Aphorisms, a three-song digital EP, is available now through online music retailers.