Peter, Bjorn and John, Nice 'n' Sleazys, Glasgow, August 9

sometimes simplicity is underrated

Article by Stuart Purcell | 13 Sep 2006
Gin and tonic; lying on the summer grass; toast - sometimes simplicity is underrated. Sweden's Peter Bjorn and John seem set to remedy this, firstly by doing away with any notion of a gimmicky band name, and secondly by playing lean, candid – and essentially simple – music. When I say 'simple', I mean this in the best possible sense; tonight's set at Sleazys is filled with superbly sanguine and straight-up pop songs, especially the phenomenal Young Folk. The track features ex-Concrete Victoria Bergsman, and luckily she managed to drop into Sleazys and join the band on stage for the whistle-led call and response number. And when both Peter and Bjorn pause to give John presents (because it was his birthday, obviously) before prompting a rendition of 'happy birthday', it only adds to the occasion. Peter, Bjorn and John give the impression of three honest men, doing something they love and doing it very, very well. It is as simple as that. [Stuart Purcell]