Parquet Courts @ SWG3, Glasgow, 6 Nov

Besides the accidental faux pas, Parquet Courts bring an utterly vibrant and fluorescent set to SWG3, distilling the energy needed for a Galvanizers performance into a room half the size

Live Review by Liam Menzies | 09 Nov 2018

The irony of tonight’s performance taking place on the same day as the US midterms isn’t lost on us as we walk into Glasgow’s favourite warehouse. While the post-punk outfit have been eager to channel some inner New York revivalism over their last six albums, it’s their latest effort Wide Awake! where any sort of social awareness the band possessed reached its peak, resulting in a slew of politically charged, contemporary anthems that have the potential to be this decade’s equivalent of what Silent Alarm was to Blairite Britain.

Parquet Courts themselves seem to be aware of this, opting to play a large assortment from the album, more so than the usual promotion you'd expect from an album tour. It’s greatly helped by the choice to bring in some organic instrumentation as opposed to a pre-recorded backing track, with whistles you’d expect from a football match in tow, along with some delicious percussion for the record’s title track. In addition to that, the mood is ideally set by some apt lighting, getting utterly vibrant and fluorescent during Total Football before going down a mellower route for the more laid-back tracks like Before the Water Gets Too High.

The love that album (and the band themselves), has accumulated becomes paramount as a little conversation between the band and the crowd turns sour as the sentence, "Scotland is like the Texas of Europe" results in a plethora of boos from the crowd – while we may reach and say they meant specifically Austin, a musical haven in many ways, most, if not all, in attendance take it as a bit of an insult. While it was an accidental faux pas, it undeniably throws a spanner in the works; it's thankfully not long before the band manage to win everyone back over.

It’s a crying shame that they didn’t get a redo because, as it stands, Parquet Courts distilled the energy needed for a Galvanizers performance into a room half the size: no small feat at all.