Paper Cut Out, Avast!, Lords of Bastard and Spatial Entrepreneurs - Subway Cowgate, Edinburgh, Feb 17

Article by Caroline Hurley | 17 Mar 2006
  • Lords of Bastard

It might look a bit like the gym hall from hell, all high ceilings and black brick, but the Subway can lift the spirits too, without doubt. This Friday night noise-fest featured a four band bill, each varied enough in style to keep it interesting, but with a bit less risk than the mixed bag of Bannerman's. Once again, from the Cold Dead Hands Collective, everything is reliably ear-splitting.

The Spatial Entrepreneurs {3/5}, kicked things off with two young guys giving it their all with a sludgy earful of riffs that were hampered only by some mic problems halfway through. Following on, Lords of Bastard {4/5} took the limelight and filled the void with their fuzzy grunge-punk and Bono hatred - a crowd pleasing set that unfortunately suffered from slightly uneven sound levels. Having been initially unsure of what to expect from Dundee lads Avast! {4/5} they turned out a tight and energetic set which was a little more fluid and melodic than the premise of their post-grunge approach might have heralded on paper.

Headlining were Newcastle's Paper Cut Out {3/5}, their "Dischord influence" obvious throughout a powerful if somewhat samey performance. So, no need to despair, noise fans - hidden in the depths of a dark lair is some fine head pollution straining to get out. [Caroline Hurley]