Ordinary Boys @ Corn Exchange

A rock band? Or new darlings of Chav-land?

Article by Jess Chilton | 15 Jun 2006
What are The Ordinary Boys? A rock band? Or new darlings of Chav-land? If tonight was anything to go by the latter just about covers it, while the former feels like a footnote. It would be great to report that the 'Boys have overcome their brush with cheap celebrity and that their gigs are characterised by good music. However, said brush has instead incurred a serious problem as the 'Boys are now attracting the same audience who spent hours each day glued to Big Brother, waiting for Preston to take a leak. The white-trainer brigade obviously couldn't give two shits about what the band do on stage, provided they turn up to be seen and screamed at. I turned to a tiny girl standing beside me. She was eleven and said that she was here to see Preston, her favourite "on Big Brother!" This was not a gig, but a celebrity spotter's wet dream. [Jess Chilton]