NME New Music Tour @ QMU

The further up the bill, the more bound for cheesy, glossy pages

Article by Melissa Thomson | 15 Jun 2006
The further up the bill, the greater the certainty of being bound for cheesy, glossy pages. Deliberately billed like this or not, what matters is that, in truth, only the show openers The Long Blondes (4/5) and following band The Automatic (4/5) showed any true hint of inspiration in their music tonight. Swaggering sounds with big choruses meant ¡Forward Russia! (2/5) and headliners Boy Kill Boy (2/5) played to crowdsurfing and pogo-ing, but these moves seemed generic and a bit too clean cut, with the music at times sadly appearing "last festival season." The Automatic added edginess to this formula, and catchy singles Raoul and Monster sounded full of real energy. The Long Blondes, with hints of Disco 2000 and punky guitars ended their set with single Giddy Stratosphere on a great, and rather accordingly, a giddily inspiring high. They sung real life lyrics about love and nights out, but instead of doing so with another of those swaggers, it was delivered with a whole lot of poise. [Melissa Thomson]