New Found Sound @ Subway Cowgate

Newsflash: The Subway's aural quagmire claims more victims...

Article by Jon Seller | 13 Sep 2006
New Found Sound's admirable pursuit of new and varied music continues in earnest tonight as the Subway plays host to three bands playing to audiences ranging from a handful to a crowd, all seemingly unperturbed by the frankly awful sound quality.

First up, Falkirk's Y'all Is Fantasy Island (3 stars) - with their intelligent and at times experimental guitar sound - battle impressively against the acoustics to get things going with material being heavily plucked from their third LP (note, their first is bearly on the shelves).

Next up Das Contras' (2 stars) bizarre funky-ska antics are the main victims of the aural quagmire. Despite the vast array of instruments on stage, the band don't quite seem to get the blend right and the set is rendered forgettable.

Finally NYC's Illuminati Orchestrii (3 stars), who've been causing quite a stir of late with their nu-romany ditties and undoubted technical ability, step up to the plate. And so begins dancing aplenty as the feet-stomping fiddle frenzy does its job on the assembled scores, although with nothing out of the ordinary (you what? it's Romanian Gypsy Punk? - Ed), the climax to the evening feels a little flat. Still, in true festival spirit, good times were had by all. [Jon Seller]